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Hi, my name is Sharon Christine, known as Chris by my friends. I have three lovely daughters, eleven grandchildren, and two great grand children. I also have the worlds best hubby! I have two fur babies, Dylan Young, a very spoiled pug, and Rat Dog, also very spoiled! I love to crochet and read! But most of all I love to learn more about and praise my Father God! Now to add a little to this, Dylan has been in Heaven a few years, and I have another little fur baby, Hershey Bug. She is spoiled rotten and such a little brat! *S* No where near as well behaved as Dylan was! I will always miss my little boy! Hugz, Chris

Dylan 8/5/99-8/23/2010

Dylan 8/5/99-8/23/2010
Mommy misses you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I have really been working hard this past week trying to get my things organized! I sometimes feel this will never happen! lol! And while this is just the beginning and I still have a lot to do, I am happy with what I have accomplished so far! Thank you Father for helping me with this! Some of this yarn was so-o-o-o tangled from where my grands had gotten into it! I don't believe a room full of kittens could have done this much damage! lol! Hubby said I had more patience than him to sit there and straighten it all out, that he would have thrown it all away. In thinking of this I realized I have never had any patience at all?! So it had to be my Fathers way of teaching me patience!

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  1. Chris - looks good! You should be proud! -Deni


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