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Hi, my name is Sharon Christine, known as Chris by my friends. I have three lovely daughters, eleven grandchildren, and two great grand children. I also have the worlds best hubby! I have two fur babies, Dylan Young, a very spoiled pug, and Rat Dog, also very spoiled! I love to crochet and read! But most of all I love to learn more about and praise my Father God! Now to add a little to this, Dylan has been in Heaven a few years, and I have another little fur baby, Hershey Bug. She is spoiled rotten and such a little brat! *S* No where near as well behaved as Dylan was! I will always miss my little boy! Hugz, Chris

Dylan 8/5/99-8/23/2010

Dylan 8/5/99-8/23/2010
Mommy misses you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally found a frame I wanted for one wall, it holds 30 4X6 photos. Had lots of fun making copies of photos that my sis had and a few that I had on webshots. Also finally got this one photo framed. Wow! I sure did wind up investing more than I bargained for on this! (it measures 24X32) But of all the work I have done this is my favorite shot! It is Dixie's daughter, Kadeejah.

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  1. Hi, my name's Alisa. I totally this is totally random, but I came across your blog while looking for a picture frame that could hold 30 4x6 pictures. I'm so impressed you found one!! Could you tell me where you got it? My email address is AKHicklin@excite.com. THANKS!!!


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